Saturday, August 13, 2011

Are you cloth curious? Check out these great videos from Mama Natural on Youtube!

When you're researching cloth diapers, it's always helpful to see the cloth diapers in action in order to get a real idea of how they work.  Well thanks to Youtube and some super tech saavvy mamas and papas, you can now find a plethora of cloth diapering "how to's" that will answer any questions you might have, from how to use a diaper, diaper sprayer, cloth wipes, folding techniques and more!

Today I'll share with you two videos from Mama and Papa Natural on Youtube!  One video shows you cloth diapers are better than disposables and the other demonstrates how to use cloth diapers.  Papa Natural shows you their routine, using BumGenius cloth diapers, from the moment they put the diapers on the baby to the moment they come out of the wash!

Good stuff!  Check out these videos and let us know what you think!?


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