Monday, March 12, 2012

Healthy Preganancy Classes are coming to Luvaboos in Rochester!

Learn how to have a positive birth experience and prevent problems before they start!

So what is a Healthy Pregnancy Class?

About Healthy Pregnancy Classes-
(How to stay Healthy and Low risk During Pregnancy, Labor and Birth)
A research based, once a month, 2 ½ hour class that helps women and their partners learn how to stay healthy and low risk during pregnancy, labor and birth, so that they can have a healthy baby, healthy mom, and a healthy birth. 

The choices you make during pregnancy should be as individual as you are! Learn to be proactive in your health and that of your baby! Find out what you need to know to have a positive birth experience, & avoid problems.  Topics include Nutrition, exercise, education, avoidance of harmful substances, choosing birth place and birth attendants wisely, Doulas, birth plans, & Breastfeeding.

Classes are taught by Certified Childbirth Educator Amy V. Haas, BCCE,

For more information on Healthy Pregnancy Classes at Luvaboos in Rochester, please contact us or call us at 585-319-4981.

Our first Healthy Pregnancy Class starts on April 7th!

$30 per family, Partners welcome!
(Limit 10 couples)


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