Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BirthWrites Classes Coming to Luvaboos, Rochester NY!

You give up your self,
and finally you don’t even mind.
I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.
It humbled my ego and stretched my soul.
It gave me whatever crumbs of wisdom
I possess today.

Erica Jong, “You Give Up Your Self”

Pregnancy transforms. Throughout both of my pregnancies, I was in awe of the beautiful, subtle evolution that was taking place. It was stunning to imagine all of the ways in which my baby was growing week by week; and startling to realize that I was growing as well. I had taken it for granted that my body would stretch and shift to nurture a new life, but I didn’t fully anticipate that my perspectives, my relationships, and my priorities would also be transformed—in a monumental way.

I wanted to make sense of these changes, which meant I had to find the time to journal. This was not an easy thing to do when the exhaustion of pregnancy can make the most basic of tasks feel like a trek up Kilimanjaro! But, somewhere between eating crumbly mouthfuls of saltines and euphorically throwing newborn-sized bodysuits into the wash, I convinced myself that keeping a journal during pregnancy was as necessary as taking prenatal vitamins.

Why? Because when we are expecting, we tend to focus entirely on the miraculous event of birth, rather than on the remarkable journey of pregnancy that takes us there. We read pregnancy books, go to birth classes, and talk to other mothers about their experiences, but we don’t always take the time to listen to ourselves or to process what we’re learning from others. With all of this information and change, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Setting aside the time to journal can bring clarity and help us realize that our very own pregnancy experiences have so much to teach us about ourselves, about birth, and about who we hope to be as mothers. 

If you’ve been trying to find the time to capture and explore your unique experience of preparing for birth, join me at Luvaboos for a BirthWrites journaling class! In Prenatal BirthWrites, we’ll take the time to listen to our inner voice on this journey into motherhood, whether this is your first child or your fourth. Also look for Motherhood BirthWrites, where we’ll have the opportunity to write down our birth stories, and to reflect on our lives as we continue to learn and grow.

Don’t miss the chance to discover that each birth writes its own story!

Prenatal BirthWrites starts Tuesdays, May 15-29 at 7:30PM. Cost: $48/three classes

Classes are taught by Jana Jackle, owner of BirthWrites and Jackle WordCrafting. Jana holds an MS in Education, a BA in French & English Literature, and is a New York State Certified Teacher. She loves being at home with her two boys, practicing yoga, hiking, eating chocolate, and—when everyone is asleep—reading and writing.

For more information on BirthWritesTM classes at Luvaboos, please contact us at info@luvaboos.com or call us at 585.319.4981


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