Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Summertime is the perfect time to invest in a Baby Carrier!

Why you should invest in a good carrier now. 

Summer is here and it is a time of year when many families will stop into the store to get a good carrier. And it is actually a great time to take the plunge if you haven't yet! Summer brings many social and outdoor activities that you can bring your baby to. Barbecues, parties, vacations, festivals, outdoor concerts, camping, hiking and even graduations and weddings. I was recently in a wedding that was attended by 2 babies in Ergos and one in a Moby wrap. And they were all so quiet you wouldn't even have known they were there and their parents didn't have to worry about a sitter or nursing.

A good baby carrier can be so freeing to enjoy these activities. Young babies will often fall asleep in the carrier easily and appreciate the closeness with mom or dad when they get over stimulated by large crowds. It is also possible to discretely nurse in most well designed carriers, which can be especially helpful when seating isn't available.

And you can't beat ditching the stroller and bulky cart seat! Strollers are a pain to push around crowded places and my boys never had much patience for it if there wasn't constant motion. I also didn't find the stroller helpful if you have older children to chase around. Try keeping up with a little one dashing around the playground while pushing a stroller! Trust me, it isn't easy.

Hiking is another activity where the baby carrier wins out over a stroller, especially if your little one is big enough for a back carry. I wouldn't say we are exactly experienced or knowledgable hikers, but we do really enjoy going on nature trials with our kids. This was actually the first time I tried a back carry, our son was 10 months and about 25 lbs. I had my Mei Tie with me and he stayed on my back happily for 3 hours while we explored local trails with some terrain that even our jogging stroller would have struggled with. And I felt great afterward! No aches or pains, actually I was in a better mood than when we started. Physical closeness with your baby really is natures mood elevator.

And don't leave out your toddler! Many baby carriers can support a child up to 45lbs on your back. A newly walking baby who is not used to being worn might object at first because but they will adjust and appreciate being with you when their little legs are tired. Babies that are used to being worn from birth will often associate the carrier with nap time, a huge help when you are out and about with a wild toddler! And it really is easier to bring a carrier with you on trips and activities than a stroller. Especially because the stroller often becomes a game with my son of in-out, in-out, and then eventually a deadly weapon when he tries to take over pushing in a crowded area. We often look at each other and say 'why did we bring the stroller'?

Keep in mind, not all carriers are created equal. A good baby carrier should support baby knee to knee to avoid hip displaysia and the wearer should feel comfortable and supported with out pulling or pinching. If you are unsure about what carriers are best or want to learn more about the benefits or proper safety, sign up for a Babywearing class at Luvaboos! We'll walk you through the different types and how to use them.

Here are some store favorites : 

  • Beco Gemini: great choice for a young or small baby. Also has the option to face the face out.
  • Beco Butterfly: goes up to 45 lbs and has an internal harness that makes it easier to execute back carry by yourself.
  • Ergo: offers a few different models and many add on options.
  • Moby and Boba wrap: Great for newborns and feeling close to your baby. Economical and versatile. Boba is a store favorite for summer because it is so lightweight in doesn't require adjustments each time you take baby in and out.
  • Mei Tai- Uses ties so very adjustable, a great 'next step' carrier to those that loved a wrap. Oh Snap! buckle version also available at the Luvaboos. 
So what are you waiting for?  Get that carrier you've always wanted!  You won't regret it!

Contributed by Michele, Luvaboos


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