Monday, March 28, 2011

Did you know you can Try Cloth Diapers Risk Free for just $15.00?

Luvaboos Cloth Diaper Trial Program is so easy you won't believe it!

"We are excited to be offering this service to parents. When we decided to switch to cloth with our second child we found it completely overwhelming. There are many options to choose from and the financial investment can seem daunting when you are not even sure what you will end up liking! So I just bit my lower lip and ordered a handful of diapers to start testing out.  Overall they all functioned fine but I definitely fell in love with some and others didn't mind washing a little sooner so they'd miss their turn!"
After running the cloth diaper trial for a couple of years we have finally settled into a system that seems to work well for most parents.  To make this an easier service to customize online we have decided to give you a "suggested list" of products if you want a variety pack and let you have the fun shopping!

Now add the $15.00 Diaper Trial to your cart along with ANY diapers and accessories you want to try and for $15 you will have 2 FULL WEEKS to:
  • Wash
  • Use
  • Fall in love with
  • Return your diapers for a FULL STORE CREDIT of the purchase price!
How Much Does the Diaper Trial cost?  Whatever is in your budget!  Now you can purchase a handful of diapers or 2 days worth to try.  Simply add the $15 diaper trial to your cart then have fun shopping for the rest!  We recommend trying a variety of styles and brands so you can figure out what works best for you.  It has been most effective when parents choose at least 2 or 3 from each "system" of diapering so you can get a good feel for it!
What is included?  Again, you can simply add the Diaper Trial to your cart and then fill up the cart with what ever cloth diapers and accessories your heart desires.  And the best part is the cost is up to you so you can stay in budget or splurge ahead if you know you want to go cloth just not which style. 
We'll include:
  • Washing instructions, return instructions and the following FREE samples!
  • Sample Grandma El's Healing Rash Cream
  • Sample Baby Bum Drops Wipes solution
  • Sample detergent
  • Bummis Biosoft Disposable liners
Decide you love everything in the trial?  No problem, keep it all and we will issue you a $15 gift card for your next purchase at luvaboos.

So don't delay!  Give cloth diapers a try Risk Free!


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