Thursday, March 24, 2011

What has your family done to go GREEN?

I can admit, I wasn't a particularly "green" person before beginning to use cloth diapers.  We recycled from time to time but not regularly.  I wouldn't say we were especially wasteful but we just didn't give a whole lot of thought to it.  I often considered doing "green" things to be something we just couldn't afford.  Solar panels...not in our budget.  Hybrid vehicle...too expensive.  Growing our own food...too much work.

None the less, once we switched to cloth diapers and realized that they were not anywhere as inconvenient as we had once thought, we began to reevaluate some of the other things we had once thought were too much work or too expensive to do.

We ordered our recycling bins and began to recycle, one thing led to another and before we knew it we were recycling way more than we were throwing away.  In fact, some garbage days we didn't even have enough to put out.

While growing our own veggies is on the list of things to accomplish still, I did get into Butterfly gardening which led to an interest in composting, yet another way to make the most of your waste and reduce the amount that you throw away.

I've always enjoyed repurposing old or used items, thrift store shopping and yard saling, so those things we already did. Unless something is completely wrecked or broken do I throw it away, for the most part I think everything could be used by someone for something, and so I tend to hold on to things until I find the right person to give them away to.

An electric or hybrid car and solar panels still seem pretty unreachable but are definitely something we'd consider in the future.

Next on the list is switching to unpaper towels and family cloth, at least part time.

So what green things do you and your family do?  What's on your list of ways to go greener?  Did cloth diapering lead to your interest in more eco friendly practices?  We'd love to read your comments.


  1. One way that we go green is using rechargeable batteries. This was more of a money decision than a green decision, but it works both ways! When our 5 yo was born, I thought I could either buy stock in Energizer or I could buy rechargeables. We spent about $100 on a stash of rechargeables and a charging unit. Over 5 years later, we're still using the same batteries. We haven't bought regular batteries except once at the zoo when I forgot to bring extras for the camera. With all the kid toys that need batteries, I'm sure we've saved a bundle.

  2. A big thing that we committed to was eliminating paper products from our home. We have not used any for the past year and a half! Ok, with the exception of tp- can't get the hubs on board with that one. lol
    It saves money, waste, and is much prettier!