Friday, June 10, 2011

Father's Day Gift Ideas on a Budget!

Fathers' Day is just around the corner, that means it's time to buckle down and do some crafting with the kids!  There are tons of inexpensive and many free craft and gift ideas you can do that daddy's sure to love and cherish.

Just to get your creative juices flowing here are some quick and easy ideas I've come across from around the world wide web!

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Homemade #1 Dad Trophy
This is an absolutely darling idea that is super easy to do and the kids will have fun making it.  Kaboodle has shared this pic and also step-by-step instructions.

Family TV Photo
Another great and super quick project that you can do with found objects from around the home.  Make a Family TV Photo Box!
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Duct Tape Wallet
Silly, yes.  But will your kids love making this duct tape wallet for dad?  Of course!  Visit Disney Family Fun for this great tutorial.

Eco-Freindly Crafts for Dad
Mother Nature Network has a great post on their site with 9 eco-friendly crafts for dad that can be made mostly from recycled and repurposed materials.  Make sure to check out Mother Nature Network for more details.

More Handmade Gift Ideas
Tip Junky also has some great gift ideas you can make on your own.  They're mostly super easy to do, some do involve baking, but overall you'll save a ton of money by making dad gifts that he'll love just as much as any store bought ones.

Craftster is a humongous resource for all things sewing and crafting.  You'll find a ton of free patterns, tutorials, photos and ideas galore.  Make something out of recycled neck ties, old t-shirts, golf balls...You name it and Craftster has an idea for it!

Last but definitely not least, make sure you check out Etsy!  You can get some inspiration by checking out others handmade items or if you don't have time to make something or just aren't that crafty, you can buy a nice handmade gift for dad.

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