Monday, June 13, 2011

Importance of Protecting Your Child's Eyes from the Sun!

There are a plethora of good and bad habits are kids are bound to learn from us.  Some are accidental, some intentional, some we may even go to great lengths to teach.  From hygiene and manners to healthy eating habits, the list of lessons we hope to impress on our little ones is endless.

One seemingly unimportant and often completely forgotten practice, is teaching your children the importance of protecting their eyes from the sun.  If you start early, your better off, not just because your child's eyes will be protected, but because they'll be used to and accustomed to wearing sunglasses and are more likely to use them later in life.

The suns powerful ultra violet rays are most powerful between 10am-2pm and so these are the ideal times to teach your children to wear their eye wear.  Ultra violet over exposure is even more common in high altitudes, sandy beaches, snowy areas and near bodies of water which can reflect the suns harmful rays.  It's common to believe that as long as your child is in the shade of a stroller or umbrella that they're not at risk, but this is simply not true.

Fair skin and light color eyed children are more at risk than darker skinned, dark eyed children, but it's equally as important for all children to have their eyes protected.

Over exposure to the sun's harmful rays can cause cancer, cataracts, loss of vision, unsightly  sun spots on the eyes, infection and more.  Onset of these problems is not limited to the elderly, young people and children are susceptible as well. 

What about cheap sunglasses?  Cheap sunglasses are not a good idea.  Simply wearing dark plastic "toy" sunglasses can actually leave little kids worse off then wearing none at all.  The dark coating can cause pupils to dilate and if not properly protected they can be more more "open" to exposure from the the suns rays.  Sunglasses must block 99-100% UVA or UV400 rays.

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