Monday, October 24, 2011

Luvaboos, Rochester NY Store updates!

 Starting to have to bundle up out there!  We've been having a blast with classes at the store.  Don't miss your chance to join in the fun before the holidays.  I can't believe I'm saying this but this is our last official session before Christmas!  Starting next week so check them out today!

If you want in register soon because we've started to fill up faster with the cold weather finally here.  If you are still having trouble viewing check your anti-virus first then let us know if you still can't see the page (still not sure all the kinks are out).

NEW this session is Itsy Bitsy Yoga!  Get to know other caregivers, bond with your baby and feel empowered with more tools to play and sooth at this early age.

If you are expecting, don't miss Tamara Alberts comprehensive session, Childbirth: A Joyful Experience Saturday November 5th.  I can tell you first hand you won't regret it (went through it 3 times and 3 amazing births!).  

Want to join the fun but can't find a good time?  Jump over to our FaceBook page and answer the poll about what times work best.

Lots of new products are in. 
We've been unpacking like crazy around here with all the new products coming in.  For those of you that are new around here (welcome!), every fall we head to the largest baby expo in the world and hand pick many of the products you see in store.  It's a great chance to meet the families behind the things you've come to love.  We also see products in person and learn about the manufacturing process before bringing them to you.  If you haven't been in lately stop by and say hello :)

AND we're hiring again!  
Send us an email with Luvaboos Application in the subject and we'll get you an application.  Even if it's not the right time or fit for you now we'll keep you on file for the future.  We love getting to know our customers in this way so don't be shy :)


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