Monday, October 3, 2011

The day I squirted breastmilk in my eye, on purpose!

Just thought I'd share today.  No, this is not about a breastfeeding blooper or accident!

Something I never thought twice about doing for my kids when needed, was squirting breastmilk in their eye, it never occurred to me that I too could benefit from it and need it.

If you nurse your kids then you know the awesome healing power of breastmilk, not just as a nutrient for your growing babes, but as a topical treatment for scrapes.  Beyond scrapes, the real magic happens when you used breastmilk for eye infections.  You know we all have those days when baby wakes up with crusty eyes or they're lid is a little swollen and you think they might get a stye.  Just a few drops of breastmilk worked like magic for my kids.

It wasn't until the day I personally woke up looking like heck, one eye was swollen and sore and I was for sure either getting a painful stye or the dreaded pink eye!  It was gross, embarrassing not to mention when your eye is read people tend to treat you like you have the plague.

Now my breasts were saggy and there was plenty of milk but no way I could aim and get it in my own eye!  So I squirted some into a tiny cup and used an eye dropper.  I applied the breastmilk to my sore eye twice in one day and then next day I was completely cured!

This benefit of breastfeeding is one I miss the most now that my kids are older.  They're all very prone to those awful styes and I wish each time that I had a little breastmilk I could defrost and use (although it would long since be expired).

How about you?  Ever used breastmilk for it's medicinal purposes?


  1. I also use breast milk for my little guys clogged tear ducts per the recommendation of out pedi. I've also used it on diaper rash, dry skin patches and little scratches. It always heals anything up in about a day!

  2. Also used breast milk for occluded ducts/eye infections. My pedi said it works well but the ophthalmologist was disgusted and said not to do it. Needless to say, I ignored his "advice" since it healed my LOs eyes better than anything else that I had tried. Yeah for breast milk!!