Friday, September 30, 2011

The perfect alternative to disposables...GroVia BioSoakers!

Often mamas and their families are a little leary of making the switch directly from disposables to cloth diapers, especially if they may not know anyone who uses cloth.  The perfect transitional diaper to gradually get you addicted to cloth is the GroVia system.

GroVia's cloth diaper shell, also known as a cover, is a one size product and it's super versatile.  It fits babies from birth through potty training and can be used with cloth/reusable soaker pads or their super awesome Bio Soakers. 

GroVia's Bio Soakers will give you that semi-cloth yet semi-disposable feel.  They're biodegradable, which means they rock....errr...I mean they're better for the environment, and they work a lot like disposables.  They stick right into the cover and can easily be removed, often all you'll need is to replace with a fresh soaker and you're ready to go.  That means you don't need a new cover/shell for each diaper change.

The GroVia Hybrid system is perfect for cloth and easy enough to use for those who don't really want to.  If you've got a caregiver, daycare or spouse who perhaps refuses or despises cloth, they're sure to be willing to use the BioSoakers!

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