Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Luvaboos Instructor Interview with Emily!

Since we're so excited about our classes here at Luvaboos we thought we'd take some time this week and in the coming days to help you better get to know our class instructors and also more about the classes they offer.

Today we're featuring Emily, the instructor of our New Mom Connection class!

Tell us a little about yourself and your family-  I am a licensed mental health counselor and wellness coach. My training as a therapist is unconventional, and involves fusing eastern philosophical practices with traditional western psychology. One of my passions is supporting people at various points along the "parenting spectrum." This includes offering support to new, expecting, or experienced parents wherever they might be on that journey. Of course my own transition to motherhood has been a huge inspiration for this work! My experience of motherhood, and my spunky four-year old daughter, have thus far been  some of the most impactful teachers of my life. My husband, daughter and I relocated to Rochester from Boulder, CO last fall in order to be closer to my family. We are currently expecting our second child, due in November. Our daughter couldn't be more excited to be a big sister, at least in theory. We'll see how she feels in actuality when the time arrives :)

Tell us about your hobbies and/or interests outside of teaching-  My husband would lovingly say that my hobby is “working” in some capacity or another. It's true that much of what I do is connected somehow to my vocation, which I guess is a sign that I am truly passionate about my work! Aside from "working" I love spending time outdoors with my family, cooking and eating delicious healthy food, practicing yoga, and dancing. I am a fanatic for any good dance/movement practice or experience, and over the past few years making sure that I move my body to fun music has been the best form of self-care that I’ve found.  In addition to my work as a therapist and coach, I also teach a dance fitness class called "Soul Sweat." I hope to bring some of these movement classes to Luvaboos in the near future.

Name and Description of your class(es) that you teach-  I facilitate the "New Mom Connection" group at Luvaboos. This group is all about helping mamas connect to one another and create community while also supporting them to feel more empowered and connected to their own intuition as parents. We are not meant to be as isolated as families often feel in our society! I have heard many moms say that they yearn for a place where they can connect with other mothers and really dive in and speak openly about ALL of their experiences as parents—the beautiful, heart-breaking lovely moments and the pull-your-hair-out, crazy-making moments. This group offers a container for all of that, and more.

How did you become interested in teaching and what do you enjoy most about it?  Though I love the intimacy of working one-one-one with people, I really enjoy the energy and fullness of working with a group, particularly a group of moms and their babies. You never know what to expect moment to moment, and it really keeps you grounded in the present. I’ve been working with groups in some way or another over the past 11 years, and I love the spontaneity and freshness of it.

Throughout your class session is there a specific topic or activity that you look forward to?   My favorite thing about all of the new mom’s groups that I’ve facilitated is when a mama has an “ah-ha” moment in the group, either when something really clicks for her and she understands herself and/or her baby a bit more deeply, or she feels more “normal” and less alone, or when she experiences more confidence as a parent. Those little moments are gold, and can really carry us through the difficult times.

What's your favorite product or product line at the Luvaboos store?  Oh, there is so much to choose from. I really love all of the Plan Toys items, and the Earth Mama Angel Baby line of products.

What are your current class dates, times, cost and any other pertinent information-  New Mom Connection will run for 6 Consecutive Fridays, starting Friday September 23rd and ending October 28th, 2011 from 11am-1pm.

Contact info for those interested in signing up-  You can contact Luvaboos directly to register by phone or online, or feel free to contact me with any questions at 585-935-7122 or Don't hesitate to ask any questions at all, if you are inclined to join this group and feel it might be a fit for you, I'd love to have you!

To find out more about Emily, her business and offerings please visit her website, Full Circle Counseling and Wellness.

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