Friday, May 18, 2012

Green Toys ROCK! Durable, Fun, and most importantly they're SAFE!

I hate toy recalls. Who doesn't? There is nothing worse than finding out something your little child has been playing with, snuggling, or chewing on every day is could cause them harm. My second was born right around the time of the lead paint fiasco and we didn't feel like anything was safe, including my older sons toys we had lovingly stored away. This led us to start making more mindful choices when it came to the toys we would purchase for our children, and GreenToys have quickly become a favorite!

Let's start with the obvious reasons:
  • Green Toys are made in the US
  • they are made from recycled milk jugs (so cool!)
  • they are safe
  • the packaging is recyclable and made of recycled materials
  • every toy they make is simple, yet childhood favorites (think dishes, trucks, etc.)
  • no batteries!
  • they are top-rack dishwasher safe
  • they are gender neutral, making them a no-brainer for gift giving!
  • most durable toys we own!
I think that last point is my favorite, I have boys and things often get thrown, stood on, kicked, and suffer other violent injustices. Green toys can take it! I often tell people in the store about how my two year old constantly stands in his dump truck, and it's still just like new, (although I do not recommend this activity).

Lets talk safety, because I know the idea of safety is relative. All toys go through scrupulous third party safety testing and have no paint or coatings to rub or be chewed off. They also contain no melamine, and no traceable amounts of Phthalates or BPA. Commitment to safety is one of the cornerstones of the Green Toys company. And because they manufactured here in the US, there is no risk of harmful materials (such as lead) being used on them without the companies knowledge. Being made in the US creates jobs here and the environmental impact is lessened because they are not shipped long distances.

My favorite right now is the green toys tugboat. It even has a spout for making hair rinsing a breeze! And if it is a little less than fresh from being used in the bath, throw it right in the dishwasher and it will come out just like new! My 2 year old loves the tug boat too, but I think his favorite is the recycling truck. It seems to be a favorite of most of the kids that visit the store as well.

We just got a large shipment of them at the store, including Green Eats eco-friendly tableware for kids! The new line of tableware has all the benefits of the toys (melamine, BPA, and phthalate free) and are just as durable. My son loves the independence of having his own tableware but can not be trusted with anything breakable. I think my favorite is the big divided tray. Sometimes presentation is everything with toddlers and the little divided sections just make foods seems more interesting (a little dip never hurt either).

Do you have any Green Toys in your house?  What is your little ones favorite?

Michelle, Luvaboos


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