Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love Planetwise? Here's how to care for your precious Planetwise products!

I love my wet bag. It’s the ultimate cloth diaper accessory for on the go diapering. How do you care for it? Do you wash your wet bag the same way you do your cloth diapers? I looked at the washing instructions and warranty for Planet Wise Wet Bags to see just what I should be doing.

Warranty Information:
Planet Wise has a 60 day warranty on all of their products. This warranty covers malfunctions such as broken seams, zippers, stitching and/or elastic. It does not cover any fading on the fabric or stains. Snagged, torn or ripped PUL (the waterproof lining in your wet bag) is not covered by the warranty. If you need to use the warranty you must complete a form and mail the form along with the defective product back to Planet Wise.

Washing Instructions: Similar to washing your cloth diapers, Planet Wise suggestions washing the wet bag on a warm/cold cycle. They also discourage using a high speed machine as the speed and vigorous nature of the cycle has done damage to their wet bags in the past. Any kind of damage like that is not covered in the warranty.

They also discourage using any detergents that have additives and brighteners with your wet bag washes. Bleach is not recommended at all and neither are your typical natural brightening agents like baking soda and vinegar.

Drying Instructions: Line dry or low heat. Do not use a high heat cycle in an attempt to “reseal” the PUL. Planet Wise says that does not work anyway and it could cause damage to the bag that will not be covered under warranty

Contributed by Bert of the FTM Blog


  1. My problem is stink from the bag, despite the fact it is washed with the diapers. I even sprinkle Rock'N'Green deodorizer in it and Ammonia Bouncer with the prewash.. This wash cycle I put a few tablespoons of bleach and the bag doesn't smell anymore.

  2. Gina tea tree oil sometimes helps get the diaper stink out.

  3. Try sun next time! Hang it wet on a sunny day. Works just like bleach w/o damaging fabrics. TTO will cover the smell but not kill the bacteria :( You'd need to use a LOT of TTO to accomplish that.