Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are some diapers too cute for poop?

The title may sound absurd, but to those of you who it doesn't sound'll know just what I'm talking about!

Diapers come and diapers go, some are your workhorse diapers, tried, tested and bulletproof.  You don't care what their color or if they have stains.  Sure, there are cute workhorse diapers too, but there are also some diapers that are just too cute for poop!

I've been there.  I've drooled over diapers that looked so cute, fluffy, soft, name it and they embodied it.  With a little product photography and the right print or color combo some diapers can look downright delicious!  I've contemplated, what is too much to pay for a diaper? Even a diaper that's not waterproof?  I should have at least one in my stash I thought.

And so it happens, you come to own a diaper, or two, or more...that you spent a little more than you should have on or that you think are just so cute and new and fluffy that you time it so that baby will not likely poop in it.

These special diapers may one day become a keepsake or they may just get resold, after you've had a chance to take a bunch of adorable photos of your little one in them, of course!

My "too cute for poop" diapers were a brand that's gone out of business.  Turns out they cost more to make than they could sell for and it ended up leading to their demise.  The brand was Just Ducky Baby and the diapers were divine!

Do you have any diapers you try to keep in the best shape possible, maybe because you have buyers remorse, or maybe because you want to keep them nice and new?  What are they?  Please share your stories.


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