Monday, April 25, 2011

Time to replace your inserts?

Something that not a whole lot of moms consider is that cloth diaper inserts do eventually need to be replaced.  Many purchase cloth and feel that they have the whole setup, enough to diaper their babies from birth through potty and then save for future children.  There is wear and tear involved in the use of diapers and inserts and you may not know it but having worn out inserts could be the source of many of your leaking or wicking diapers.

Microfiber-terry isn't called "terry" for nothing, it's called terry because it should be soft and fluffy like a terrycloth towel.  The terry is much finer of course but it should still be there.  The microfiber-terry is what holds the moisture, so while you might be able to double or triple up your old inserts, they just won't be functioning like they should and your diapers are likely to leak or need to be changed more frequently.

If your microfiber-terry inserts are lacking the fine, soft, fluffy terry that they came with then you could seriously benefit from purchasing some new inserts.

Luckily micro-terry inserts are not that expensive and are a small price to pay in order to get yourself back on track with successful cloth diapering again.

Often micro-terry inserts can be purchased for between 2.50-4.00 each and when bought in bulk you can save a lot more.

So if you've been having leaky diapers or feel like your child is wetting through everything too quickly, consider replacing your inserts with new micro-terry.

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