Friday, April 22, 2011

Tips for becoming a little "greener" this Earth Day!

Earth Day is here and it's a perfect time to increase your shade of green, take it up a notch or two!  There are pretty hardcore ways of living a greener or more eco-friendly lifestyle if you're so inclined, however we're going to share with you some simple every day things you can do to go green or "greener."

Recycle just a little bit more!  Recycling is one the the easiest things to do in my opinion.  In today's age most of us have special bins for our recyclables and even special recycling pickup on designated days of the week.  Recycling is much cleaner than keeping all that funky garbage around and it just make so much more sense.

If you already recycle then try stepping it up a bit.  Add some new items to the list of things you recycle.  Cereal and pasta boxes, egg cartons, and the styrofoam  commonly used in meat packaging are often forgotten and go unrecycled.

Green Your Cleaning Routine!  Try purchasing more environmentally friendly household cleaners or make your own.  Vinegar has a variety of uses.  Mix 1 part water with 1 part vinegar in an old spray bottle and it works great for surface cleaning, mopping, and more!

Switch to un-paper towels!  Un-paper towels are similar to dish towels but frequently made out of inexpensive flannels or cottons.  Fold 12 x 12 squares in a cute basket and encourage their use instead of reaching for a paper towel throughout the day.  You'll find that you're saving money and trees, plus they're way cuter!

Try Mama Cloth or a Green Menstrual Alternative!  Using a Diva Cup or reusable Mama Cloth can save you a lot of money and prevent a lot of unnecessary waste and save your septic system if you have one.  If you're afraid to switch completely to reusable menstrual products try just one day at a time until you're comfortable and have perfected your routine!

These are just a few of the simple ways you can go a little greener this Earth Day!  We hope you'll choose at least a couple to try.  Enjoy!


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