Friday, July 1, 2011

High Chairs...You can have too much of a good thing!

Less is more!

For today's blog post I thought I'd share my experience with high chairs and why I believe less is more.  As a mother to three kids, I've owned multiple high chairs in various styles and brands.  I've also known plenty of other parents and have seen their high chairs and have heard about their experiences.

So what's this about?  What have I learned?  Well what I have learned is that the simpler the high chair the better.  We all know that feeding time happens multiple times a day, plus there are snack times, plus there are times when you put baby in the high chair while you do the dishes or mop the floor.  High chairs get used a lot!

What I've seen is that there are high chairs that essentially look like huge car seats up on a stand .  They have padding,  and even their padding has padding. There are snaps, belts buckles, sliding locks, tray adjustments and toys.  The more fancy gadgets and padding you have the more you have to clean.  The more you forget to clean.  The more bacteria and other funkiness has a chance to build up.

Food and germs get trapped in all those fancy cracks and crevaces, under seat cushions and many places where they have the perfect opportunity to breed.  I've read about people's high chairs attracting bugs and who knows what else.

My advice is to keep it simple.  After all, the point of a high chair is not to make it so fancy and so comfortable that baby will spend all day in it just because they're content.

Keekaroo makes awesomely simple, easy to clean, easy to use and very easy to store high chairs.  They won't take up their own 10x10 space in your dining room, they fit nicely and look nice. 

Want to learn more about Keekaroo?
Wooden High Chair from Keekaroo grows with your child! From 6 months up to adult! If your toddler can comfortably sit upright and balance him or herself, expect them to be ready for a Height Right Wooden High Chair.

And as they grow, the Height Right Wood High Chair grows with them. Completely adjustable to each child’s needs, the wooden highchair adjusts in height and depth of the seat and footplate. This allows every child the perfect seating position.

NEW! Comfort Cushions from Keekaroo enhance your child’s sitting experience. Allowing your child to be comfortable during mealtime is now easier than ever! NEW! Comfort Cushions are made from a soft-to-the-touch material that lets your little ones settle in to the perfect spot. NEW! Comfort Cushions are made with an exclusive process made in the USA and offer comfort and style. Click here for more details.

The Wooden Tray can be added to the Keekaroo Height Right Wood High Chair when used away from a tabletop surface if trunk support for younger toddlers is required. If a tray surface is not needed, you can use the optional Wooden Baby Grab Rail that provides an additional level of comfort and security for younger toddlers. The strap belting must always be used per instructions in your User's Manual. For increased cushioning and support against the back and seat platforms, the Optional Comfort Cushions can be purchased once your child outgrows the Infant Insert.

Is the Keekaroo Height Right Wooden High Chair right for your child?
The Wooden High Chair includes:
  • 3-Point removable Pelvic Belt
  • Adjustable Foot and Seat Plate
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easily cleans with warm water and mild soap
  • Wooden Tray with Removable Plastic Tray Cover that is dishwasher-safe
  • Available accessories include wooden grab rail and cushion sets for added comfort
  • Height adjustable in seat plate and foot plate
  • Depth adjustable in seat plate and foot plate
Visit Luvaboos for all your Keekaroo needs!


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