Thursday, July 14, 2011

Luvaboos 3rd Consignment Sale! July 24th from 12am-5pm

Gently Used Sale! 
  Sunday, July 24th from 12am-5pm
 Tuesday, July 26th from 1pm-6pm (50% off sale!)

How do you sell your diapers?
1.  Email us right away!  We will send you a form to fill out with your diapers, name, price and REDUCE to include in the 50% off sale if they do not sell on Sunday. 
2. Send your list back to us with ALL your contact info and your option of 60% cash back or 80% store credit and we will send you a PDF of Barcoded tags (if all goes smoothly :) for each of your items.
3.  Print your tags on card stock, tag your items.  Small gold safety pins work great or you may use our Tag Gun for $1.00 (You must arrive at least 1 1/2 hours before close to use our Tag Gun).
4.  Contact us for drop off hours!  We'll organize them, answer questions and hopefully sell them all for you :)
5.  Any remaining items and your 60% cash back or 80% store credit will be available for your pick up.  You MUST pick up with in one week or we will assume you don't want the remaining items and we will donate them.

*This Sale there will be a $6 consigner registration fee deducted from items sold and a $1 purchaser fee for each customer at the sale (you are only charged if any of your items sell OR if you are purchasing, no entrance fee.  This is to help us cover the costs of staff to keep the sale up and running!).

*Like to earn more commission?  You can do so by volunteering before, during OR after the sale.  Volunteer shifts are 4 hours and you will receive an additional 10% back in either Cash or Store Credit.
Last sale we went through the majority of the items in the first few hours so it is a great way to unload your stash.  We also went through other baby items such as carriers, wipes warmers, gear and more.  We are NOT accepting clothes, feminine products or home made carriers at this sale but have some great consignment stores to recommend if you are interested.
Any questions feel free to shoot us an email.  And remember, you MUST follow these steps or we will have to turn you away.  It is not that we wouldn't love to help you tag your items but there simply isn't enough time with everything else there is to accomplish around here and still see our little ones before they go to bed :)
NOW, go get your stuff out and get ready to free up some cash, tell all your friends, post on your mommy/daddy groups, craigsist, blogs, facebook, twitter, wherever!  We want to see you destash and know there are lots of parents already looking forward to snagging some good deals for little ones to come.  Let's save everyone some time and money, shop local and have a fun day :)
We will also be having a good amount of items on sale in the store because we are making room for even MORE new personal favorite...diaper bags!  (my hubby totally makes fun of my bag addiction :)
Here is the email again to contact us!  Rita is heading up getting your labels to you so all emails will be directed toward her! (thanks Rita :)


  1. Is this supposed to be dated Sunday July 24th from 12PM - 5 PM? I'm coming from out of town and want to make sure I have the date/time correct! Thanks =]

  2. yes! i just corrected it. it's the 24th!