Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Preserve your cloth diapers by using flushable liners!

Flushable liners really are a necessary cloth diaper accessory.  Yes, they are an added expense but per diaper really is worth it.  Consider this, the cleaner your diapers are before washing, the less rinse and wash cycles you'll need, less detergent and overall, less work.

Flushable cloth diaper liners also help prevent stains and can eliminate the need to scrape or spray the poop into the toilet on every diaper change.  There will be time that the liner might bunch up or not have caught anything at all, but for the most part, the times it does catch the poop, makes them all worth it.

Have you considered flushable liners or have been curious about how they work?  We've found this great video on youtube that demonstrates perfectly what they are designed to do for you.


  1. i like them for poop yes but i think i waste them every time i use them because most of the time she only peed.

  2. I wash mine with my diapers when they've just been peed on. Saves money :)

  3. but when you wash them don't they dissolve or anything?