Friday, July 15, 2011

Let eieio Photography of Rochester capture your portraits and preserve memories that will last a lifetime!

Capture those special moments before they've passed you by...
July is a big month at the Holt house, we are expecting our baby girl and it marks 10 years for my husband and I on our adventure of marriage and family together.  So as much as I'm not thrilled about my pregnant body, my husband loves it!  So with Chelse's help from I decided to venture out and do some solo maternity shots.  I didn't get many with Landon, our 2nd, because I thought I had too many stretch marks.  But as you can see Chelse works wonders with photo shop and even has great techniques on how to stand to get the best angle of your belly...or face for that matter :)

I was amazed at how she knew just how to tilt your hips or arch your back and overall made the experience so relaxing and comfortable I almost forgot someone I barely know is taking pictures of me in not much more than my underwear (I won't post everything here but you can have a lot of fun at a boudoir session and your spouse will love it :)

I wanted to include a couple pics of my stretch marks to encourage moms to not miss out on capturing this beautiful time and allowing yourself to look back at these pictures when your child is 4,5,6 even 20 and have that rush of emotion that comes when you remember that precious life inside of you.  You can wear your stretch marks proudly or choose to have them smoothed out, whatever makes you feel great looking at your pictures!

Thank you again Chelse for such amazing pictures to capture our baby girl before we meet her face to face.  I hope many other moms find you and are able to cherish these times and feel gorgeous in the midst of so much change.

Chelse does on location photography as well as offering several different rooms and back drops in her studio. She specializes in maternity, newborn, family and even weddings.  She books up FAST so if you are interested in getting some great shots with Chelse contact her soon!
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  1. Chelsea, Your photos are whimsical and gorgeous! I always love seeing new pics pop up on your facebook page.