Saturday, July 30, 2011

EIEIO Photography & Luvaboos Pregnancy and Newborn Giveaway! CLOSED

Time for another fabulous giveaway!  This time around we're giving away a photography and gift package sure to make any new mama or mama-to-be excited.  EIEIO will capture your portrait while you bask in the glow of pregnancy and capture those precious newborn moments you'll cherish a lifetime.

The Prizes:
The Rules:
Only new clients to EIEO Photography are eligible to win the EIEIO Grand Prize, Maternity and Newborn Photo Package and print credit.  Previous EIEIO clients are eligible to win the runner-up prizes from Luvaboos.

Ways to Enter:
There are TWO mandatory entries 
  • #1  Comment on this blog post with your FaceBook Name (the name you use to "like"
     our fan page, and your zip code.  We are using this first mandatory entry so that we can assure that the Grand Prize Winner is a local and able to use the free photo session and print credit.  If you're chosen and are not local then you'll automatically win one of the runner-up prizes.
then choose one or the other of the two mandatory entries below.
  • #2 For New EIEIO Fans, Like EIEIO Photography on FaceBook and then comment on their wall tagging Luvaboos Page and commenting with what you love most about being pregnant. *Then come back here and submit an entry (a comment to this post) letting us know that you did.
  • #2 For New or Existing Luvaboos Fans, Like Luvaboos on FaceBook and then comment on the wall tagging the EIEIO Page and commenting with what you love most about being pregnant. *Then come back here and submit an entry (a comment to this post) letting us know that you did.
Additional ways to enter:
  • Share the link to this giveaway on FaceBook and tag both EIEIO and Luvaboos in the post. *Then submit an entry here with the link to where you shared it.
  • Blog about this giveaway!  Please tell your readers about our giveaway and provide a link to this giveaway in the post.  *Then submit an entry here with the link to your blog.
  • Tweet about the giveaway!  Tweet this "#Rochester Area Mamas, Enter to win a maternity and newborn photo session on the @Luvaboos Blog!--> " *Remember to come back and submit an entry that you did this.
  • Follow this Blog via Google Friends Connect. *Submit an entry after you do so.
  • Subscribe to the Luvaboos Newsletter.  *Submit an entry with the name you subscribed with.
This Giveaway Ends August 14, 2011 with the winners being announced on August 15, 2011.  Have questions?  Please ask on either Luvaboos or EIEIO Photography's FaceBook Wall.

Special Offer for Luvaboos Fans:
EIEIO Photography would like to offer a $15 credit/discount to Luvaboos Fans for any session scheduled for August or September.*Just make sure to mention Luvaboos when scheduling the appointment.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get to know Chelse, the mama behind EIEIO Photography!

Today we're featuring Chelse of eieio Photography!  We want you to get to know her a little better.

Tell us a little about you and your family?
I have two little ones. Lucas, 3 (my wild boy) and Claire 6 (going on 26). Lucas is a all boy, but he LOVES his sister. (and nutrigrain bars, we are on a 12 step program). Claire is super shy, but I could see her as a performer-makes no sense! She loves music and acting out whole movies. My husband is from Barcelona Spain! We have been married for 10 years. I met him when he was and exchange student my senior year of high school and we have been together ever since (16 years ago!).

When and how did you realize you had a talent and passion for photography?
Since I was in high school I have been into video, photography, music and all of them together! I have always loved the impact photography can have. I wanted to work for MTV in college, but realized I would have to move to NYC or LA to go that route. So I decided to follow my husband around for a while and do whatever I came across. I continued taking photos. Finally about 6 years ago, when I had Claire I really put all my attention back into photography. I loved it. and luckily so did some other people.

What is your favorite type of location to take photos?
I think my favorite location is actually in people's homes. I love how different everyone's world is. When the photos really capture their personalities. I also love anything in a field. I know the fad will end, but I will try and keep it alive as long as possible!! I am a big time country gal. Born and raised. So a field is where I feel like me.

If you have a photo that you consider one of your best, or very special to you, what is it and why?
I have a really hard time picking out favorite photos. I think all photographers do. We keep waiting for the next time we shoot. The next one will be our favorite....BUT I took one of my son and daughter I so love. The photo has problems. (which many photographers could pick out easily) but to me it is perfect.

Any special accomplishments or business goals that you're super proud of?
I try and create goals every year. I think everyone should. Mine are pretty specific. Last year I wanted to be published. I was so excited to have a wedding featured in WellWed magazine! a 3 page spread! and also I had a wedding published on my favorite national style blog, Style me Pretty. I also opened my own studio! That was huge.

Any goals for the future that you'd like to share?
Strangely enough after opening it, I know long to help other photographers. I am a really competitive person, but I also am a teacher. (I taught 2nd grade and child birthing classes....) I love helping people and take it as a huge compliment when they want to learn from me! In the next year I hope to help other business women, photographers and beyond achieve their goals! I have a couple really fun resources I am developing. From a photography stand point I would love to expand on my birth photography. I think birth is such a miracle! I want to help more families remember that day forever!!

Like what you've read?  You can check out more of Chelse's beautiful photos on either of her sites:
eieio Photography
or follow her on FaceBook:
EIEIOPhotography on FaceBook

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Preserve your cloth diapers by using flushable liners!

Flushable liners really are a necessary cloth diaper accessory.  Yes, they are an added expense but per diaper really is worth it.  Consider this, the cleaner your diapers are before washing, the less rinse and wash cycles you'll need, less detergent and overall, less work.

Flushable cloth diaper liners also help prevent stains and can eliminate the need to scrape or spray the poop into the toilet on every diaper change.  There will be time that the liner might bunch up or not have caught anything at all, but for the most part, the times it does catch the poop, makes them all worth it.

Have you considered flushable liners or have been curious about how they work?  We've found this great video on youtube that demonstrates perfectly what they are designed to do for you.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Winners of our Smashing Photo Contest are...

Wow you all really came through with this photo contest!  At first you had me questioning...what if people don't have pics of their messy eaters?  But then the photos began to pour in. You all rock!

The photos you all entered could not have been cuter and funnier and we thank you so much for sharing them.

Remember, there were to be two top winners, a Grand Prize and Runner Up based upon the number of votes.  Then there was also to be three random winners chosen from the entry form.  Well, without further delay...your winners are...
Grand Prize Winner
Eileen M, who's little ones photo received the most votes, is our Grand Prize Winner!  She will receive,
  • Grand Prize:  Free Cake Smash Photo Session (Value $100) or Family Week Day Photo Session (Value $150) with Morgan Dawson, a Rochester area photographer and a $50.00 Luvaboos Gift Certificate.
Runner Up
 Nicole W's little girl was our runner up!  She will receive,
Our three random winners, Random Winners will each receive a $10.00 Luvaboos Gift Certificate.
  • Julie K, $10.00 Gift Certificate to Luvaboos
  • Kristina W, $10.00 Gift Certificate to Luvaboos
  • Allison U, $10.00 Gift Certificate to Luvaboos
Thanks to everyone who entered, we really enjoyed your photos. Please stay tuned, we have a couple more photo contests coming up really soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Luvaboos News and Upcoming Events!

Just in case you've missed the FaceBook posts or past blog announcements, there are some upcoming events you should be in the know about!

Luvaboos 3rd Annual Gently Used Sale is this weekend!
Luvaboos 3rd Annual Gently Used and Consignment Sale is on Sunday July 24th from 1-5pm!  Here's a link to more details.  Even if you're not selling anything, you are of course encouraged to come and shop!  It's a blast and there are a ton of great deals to be had.  Make sure to call us at 585-319-4981 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            585-319-4981      end_of_the_skype_highlightingfor more details or last minute questions.

Last Chance to get your votes in for our Smashing Photo Contest!
Sunday July 24th is also the last day to get yours and your families votes in for our Smashing Photo Contest!  Remember there are some great prizes to be won as well as photo sessions with Morgan Dawson Photography of Rochester, but you don't have to be a local to win!

We have a Keekaroo High Chair Giveaway coming up!
We are super excited to announce that Keekaroo has agreed to sponsor a giveaway of one of their famous and absolutely fabulous chairs!  You don't want to miss this awesome giveaway!  Keep an eye on our blog and facebook page for more details.

Our Post Gently Used and Consignment Sale, a 50% off Sale is coming!
Sunday is the Gently Used Sale and then this Tuesday, July 26th is our 50% off Sale!  You really don't want to miss this great sale event, it only comes around once a year.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Let eieio Photography of Rochester capture your portraits and preserve memories that will last a lifetime!

Capture those special moments before they've passed you by...
July is a big month at the Holt house, we are expecting our baby girl and it marks 10 years for my husband and I on our adventure of marriage and family together.  So as much as I'm not thrilled about my pregnant body, my husband loves it!  So with Chelse's help from I decided to venture out and do some solo maternity shots.  I didn't get many with Landon, our 2nd, because I thought I had too many stretch marks.  But as you can see Chelse works wonders with photo shop and even has great techniques on how to stand to get the best angle of your belly...or face for that matter :)

I was amazed at how she knew just how to tilt your hips or arch your back and overall made the experience so relaxing and comfortable I almost forgot someone I barely know is taking pictures of me in not much more than my underwear (I won't post everything here but you can have a lot of fun at a boudoir session and your spouse will love it :)

I wanted to include a couple pics of my stretch marks to encourage moms to not miss out on capturing this beautiful time and allowing yourself to look back at these pictures when your child is 4,5,6 even 20 and have that rush of emotion that comes when you remember that precious life inside of you.  You can wear your stretch marks proudly or choose to have them smoothed out, whatever makes you feel great looking at your pictures!

Thank you again Chelse for such amazing pictures to capture our baby girl before we meet her face to face.  I hope many other moms find you and are able to cherish these times and feel gorgeous in the midst of so much change.

Chelse does on location photography as well as offering several different rooms and back drops in her studio. She specializes in maternity, newborn, family and even weddings.  She books up FAST so if you are interested in getting some great shots with Chelse contact her soon!
You can also become a Fan of EIEIO Photography on FaceBook where you will get to see previews of all her latest projects and she'll keep you up to date on any current specials or promotions.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Luvaboos 3rd Consignment Sale! July 24th from 12am-5pm

Gently Used Sale! 
  Sunday, July 24th from 12am-5pm
 Tuesday, July 26th from 1pm-6pm (50% off sale!)

How do you sell your diapers?
1.  Email us right away!  We will send you a form to fill out with your diapers, name, price and REDUCE to include in the 50% off sale if they do not sell on Sunday. 
2. Send your list back to us with ALL your contact info and your option of 60% cash back or 80% store credit and we will send you a PDF of Barcoded tags (if all goes smoothly :) for each of your items.
3.  Print your tags on card stock, tag your items.  Small gold safety pins work great or you may use our Tag Gun for $1.00 (You must arrive at least 1 1/2 hours before close to use our Tag Gun).
4.  Contact us for drop off hours!  We'll organize them, answer questions and hopefully sell them all for you :)
5.  Any remaining items and your 60% cash back or 80% store credit will be available for your pick up.  You MUST pick up with in one week or we will assume you don't want the remaining items and we will donate them.

*This Sale there will be a $6 consigner registration fee deducted from items sold and a $1 purchaser fee for each customer at the sale (you are only charged if any of your items sell OR if you are purchasing, no entrance fee.  This is to help us cover the costs of staff to keep the sale up and running!).

*Like to earn more commission?  You can do so by volunteering before, during OR after the sale.  Volunteer shifts are 4 hours and you will receive an additional 10% back in either Cash or Store Credit.
Last sale we went through the majority of the items in the first few hours so it is a great way to unload your stash.  We also went through other baby items such as carriers, wipes warmers, gear and more.  We are NOT accepting clothes, feminine products or home made carriers at this sale but have some great consignment stores to recommend if you are interested.
Any questions feel free to shoot us an email.  And remember, you MUST follow these steps or we will have to turn you away.  It is not that we wouldn't love to help you tag your items but there simply isn't enough time with everything else there is to accomplish around here and still see our little ones before they go to bed :)
NOW, go get your stuff out and get ready to free up some cash, tell all your friends, post on your mommy/daddy groups, craigsist, blogs, facebook, twitter, wherever!  We want to see you destash and know there are lots of parents already looking forward to snagging some good deals for little ones to come.  Let's save everyone some time and money, shop local and have a fun day :)
We will also be having a good amount of items on sale in the store because we are making room for even MORE new personal favorite...diaper bags!  (my hubby totally makes fun of my bag addiction :)
Here is the email again to contact us!  Rita is heading up getting your labels to you so all emails will be directed toward her! (thanks Rita :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winner of the Piggy Paint Gift Set is...Entry 420, Brassy of!

How cool was this giveaway?  We were so honored that PiggyPaint agreed to sponsor, we just love their products so much and it was fun to give you all a chance to win some!

There was a great response, as usual, and according to, the lucky entry was #420 which belonged to Brassy!  She's the mama behind the website!

Brassy, please check your email for a notification from us and to claim your prize!

If anyone would like to purchase Piggy Paint you can shop online at or in person at Luvaboos in Rochester, NY!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrate your pregnancy with Luvaboos! Belly Casting, Henna, Photography and more!

While it may seem like you've been or are going to be pregnant forever, your nine months will fly by and it's often an afterthought that you wished you'd cherished that baby belly a little more.

At Luvaboos in Rochester, NY, we have a ton of fun things you can do to celebrate that beautiful belly, stretchmarks or not, and create memories your child will surely cherish in the years to come.

Belly Casting-  Create a one of a kind piece of artwork, starring your belly!  Belly casts can be left natural and displayed in the babies nursery or they can be painted and hung like a beautiful piece of artwork.  You'll forever have preserved in time the size and shape of your body while little one was waiting comfortably inside.

Henna- Henna is a natural, plant based dye.  The practice of decorating the skin in intricate, beautiful patterns originated in countries like Morocco and India.  Painting these beautiful ornate patterns on the belly of an expecting mother is relaxing and a way of pampering a mom-to-be.  Henna can provide you with a great opportunity for photos and also a great excuse to show off that glowing belly of yours!

Belly Painting-Similar to the art of Henna, belly painting provides a unique way of honoring the mom-to-be.  You can take this process as serious you want, or just have fun with it and let babies siblings decorate moms tummy.  Belly painting also provides another great photo opp as seen in the photos below by Lora Ann Photography.

Photography-At Luvaboos we know all the great local photographers you can hire to capture your beautiful pregnant figure.  Lora Ann Photography of Rochester specializes in baby and family photography.  For more details visit her website.  Also, keep your eyes peeled, we'll have a great contest soon and you could win a session with Lora Ann!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morgan Dawson Photography, Rochester NY

Today I thought we'd feature Morgan, the fabulous photographer behind our Cake Smash sessions.  At Luvaboos we're a huge fan of Morgans.  You might have noticed that the Cake Smash sessions have inspired our current photo contest.  Submit photos of your messy eaters and then get your friends and family to vote.  If you win you could have your very own session with Morgan!

A little about Morgan Dawson Photography...
Morgan Dawson is a photographer in the Rochester, upstate New York, and Finger Lakes area specializing in newborn, children and family portraiture. She also offers maternity, corporate, and senior portraits.

Morgan is well loved and clients can't help but rave about their photos and session experiences.  She's known for her ability to capture candid, real-life shots, shots that reflect the child or family's true personality or attitude.  She's not going to ask you or your family to say cheese.

From weddings, graduations, birthdays, maternity, events and more, Morgan has your family  or business covered.
To connect with Morgan and/or to check out her portfolio and pricing please visit her at the links below.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Giveaway: Enter to win a Piggyy Paint Gift Set valued at $24.99! CLOSED

Remember last week's post when we talked about Piggy Paint and how awesome it is?  Well the fabulous folks over at Piggy Paint have agreed to give one lucky Luvaboos Fan a Piggy Paint Gift Set of their choice valued at $24.99!

Win this Gift Set and your little one will be ecstatic.  Or, with the holiday's fast approaching you can save it for a Christmas gift!

Want a chance to win a Piggy Paint Gift Set totally Free?  Enter our Giveaway below!

The Prize:
(1) Piggy Paint Gift Set of your choice valued at $24.99!

Open to participants in the USA and Canada.

Date:  Giveaway is open through July 12, 2011.  The winner will be announced on the Blog and FaceBook and will also be notified via email.  Winner has 7 days to claim their prize or an alternate winner will be chosen in their place.

Rules:  For each entry you must comment on this giveaway post.  Please make sure we can either contact you via email through your profile or leave your email address with each entry.

*You must first complete the mandatory entry.  All other entries are optional.

Entry Methods:
  • Mandatory 1st Entry- Visit Piggy Paint and then come back to comment here with which is yours or your daughter's favorite color.
  • (1) Entry for Becoming a Fan of PiggyPaint on FaceBook and commenting on their wall that @Luvaboos sent you.
  • (1) Entry for Becoming a Fan of PuppyPaint on FaceBook and commenting on their wall that @Luvaboos sent you. 
  • (1) Entry for Following Piggy Paint on Twitter
  • (1) Entry for Subscribing to Piggy Paint's Newsletter (sign up on their site, bottom of left sidebar)
  • (1) Entry for Becoming a Fan of Luvaboos on Facebook
  • (1) Entry for Following Luvaboos on Twitter
  • (1) Entry for leaving a Luvaboos Product Review on (visit the item you'd like to review and look for the link to leave a review under the products description.  Come back and leave your name and the name of the product you reviewed with your entry) *Limit 5 product reviews per giveaway.
  • (3) Entries for sharing the link to our Giveaway on FaceBook or your Blog. (limit 1 x per day)
  • (3) Entries for Tweeting about this Giveaway.  You must Tweet this "Enter to #win a @PiggyPaint #nontoxic nailpolish gift set from the @Luvaboos Blog!  Click here to enter--->" (limit 1 tweet per day)
  • (3) Entries for Tweeting this "Visit @Luvaboos for all your Natural Parenting & Cloth Diapering Needs! #clothdiapers --->" (limit 1 tweet per day)
  • (10) Entries for Contributing an article/blog post to the Luvaboos Blog!  Please email submissions to shethinksmedia(at)
  • (5) Entries for placing the code for our Luvaboos Blog Button (located on the right sidebar of this blog) onto your Blog or Website.
  • (5) Entries for making a purchase at Luvaboos during the giveaway.  Please leave your invoice or date of purchase with each entry.
 Good Luck!

*All winners entries will be verified.   Winner has 7 days to claim their prize before an alternate winner will be chosen.

Friday, July 1, 2011

High Chairs...You can have too much of a good thing!

Less is more!

For today's blog post I thought I'd share my experience with high chairs and why I believe less is more.  As a mother to three kids, I've owned multiple high chairs in various styles and brands.  I've also known plenty of other parents and have seen their high chairs and have heard about their experiences.

So what's this about?  What have I learned?  Well what I have learned is that the simpler the high chair the better.  We all know that feeding time happens multiple times a day, plus there are snack times, plus there are times when you put baby in the high chair while you do the dishes or mop the floor.  High chairs get used a lot!

What I've seen is that there are high chairs that essentially look like huge car seats up on a stand .  They have padding,  and even their padding has padding. There are snaps, belts buckles, sliding locks, tray adjustments and toys.  The more fancy gadgets and padding you have the more you have to clean.  The more you forget to clean.  The more bacteria and other funkiness has a chance to build up.

Food and germs get trapped in all those fancy cracks and crevaces, under seat cushions and many places where they have the perfect opportunity to breed.  I've read about people's high chairs attracting bugs and who knows what else.

My advice is to keep it simple.  After all, the point of a high chair is not to make it so fancy and so comfortable that baby will spend all day in it just because they're content.

Keekaroo makes awesomely simple, easy to clean, easy to use and very easy to store high chairs.  They won't take up their own 10x10 space in your dining room, they fit nicely and look nice. 

Want to learn more about Keekaroo?
Wooden High Chair from Keekaroo grows with your child! From 6 months up to adult! If your toddler can comfortably sit upright and balance him or herself, expect them to be ready for a Height Right Wooden High Chair.

And as they grow, the Height Right Wood High Chair grows with them. Completely adjustable to each child’s needs, the wooden highchair adjusts in height and depth of the seat and footplate. This allows every child the perfect seating position.

NEW! Comfort Cushions from Keekaroo enhance your child’s sitting experience. Allowing your child to be comfortable during mealtime is now easier than ever! NEW! Comfort Cushions are made from a soft-to-the-touch material that lets your little ones settle in to the perfect spot. NEW! Comfort Cushions are made with an exclusive process made in the USA and offer comfort and style. Click here for more details.

The Wooden Tray can be added to the Keekaroo Height Right Wood High Chair when used away from a tabletop surface if trunk support for younger toddlers is required. If a tray surface is not needed, you can use the optional Wooden Baby Grab Rail that provides an additional level of comfort and security for younger toddlers. The strap belting must always be used per instructions in your User's Manual. For increased cushioning and support against the back and seat platforms, the Optional Comfort Cushions can be purchased once your child outgrows the Infant Insert.

Is the Keekaroo Height Right Wooden High Chair right for your child?
The Wooden High Chair includes:
  • 3-Point removable Pelvic Belt
  • Adjustable Foot and Seat Plate
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easily cleans with warm water and mild soap
  • Wooden Tray with Removable Plastic Tray Cover that is dishwasher-safe
  • Available accessories include wooden grab rail and cushion sets for added comfort
  • Height adjustable in seat plate and foot plate
  • Depth adjustable in seat plate and foot plate
Visit Luvaboos for all your Keekaroo needs!